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"I’ve completed this amazing course, which entirely changed the way I perceive the body, movement and yoga in general! A crucial part of it was having the component of Functional Movement, besides being so much fun, it gave me a grounded foundation of anatomy and completely expanded how I see asana and plan my classes! This is a must if you wanna truly address your client’s body issues and deliver classes that impact your students. Forever grateful for these two giants on this field Cristina and Ryan"

Marcia Kothe
Body Coach Student

"Body coach is AMAZING! I came from a fitness background (personal trainer/pilates) and I thought I knew a lot BUT this level of understanding was not only way beyond what I was expecting, but also way beyond what I already knew! I found the practices so helpful for clients and myself to unlock restrictions in the body which just wouldn’t budge (chronic pain, inflammation etc). My breath capacity and natural energy increased too but not only that but I felt a renewed sense of respect for my own body and compassion for others. The energetic knowledge is so captivating and Ryan & Cristina as coaches are pretty fun too!!!

Emily Petridis
Body Coach Student

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